Computer Virus! What You Need to Know About Retrieving Deleted Email


As soon as you learn about a virus attack on your computer, the first thing that you do is check your files and folders to see if they are protected or not. By the time you fix your files and folders you realize that one thing that has escaped from your mind is checking the mails in the outlook express. If you neglect this aspect it will become extremely difficult for you to retrieve deleted email.

The world has become smaller and emails are a necessary means by which we stay in touch with our family and friends. An unforeseen virus attack can result in loss of important mails and if you are a new user, it will be more difficult for you to find effective ways in which the lost mails can be tracked and restored.

In this article you will learn about the ways in which you can retrieve deleted email easily without seeking an expert’s help. Things that you need to keep in mind while attempting to retrieve deleted email are as follows:

o You should first know that just like the deleted files and folders that are lost due to system failure and virus attacks, deleted emails are also not lost permanently. They are stored until being overwritten. Even when they are overwritten, the data is merely overwritten by a new data and lost permanently.

o To recover the lost emails, using a highly effective software tool is the best alternative available, particularly when you are a new user and have little expertise in mending the system.

There are several email recovery software that are being used to restore different types of email files. Broadly speaking, these software tools can be used to recover three kinds of email files. These are:

o Outlook Express DBX Files

o Outlook PST Files

o Web Mail

The Outlook Express DBX files contain mails from the .dab files. The software recovery tool used for these types of files is meant to largely recover mails from the deleted items section.

The data in the PST files is usually complex in nature. As a result, it becomes important to not only retrieve deleted email but also repair them to prevent recurrence. The files are mostly corrupted and it is necessary to mend the damaged data permanently.

For retrieving lost emails in the web based mail program such as Gmail and Yahoo the software programs are designed to be compatible with remote computers where the lost emails can be restored.


Source by Kenneth Larkins